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Danielle is holding a mic looking down adoringly at her dog looking back up at her

out in the community


accessibility workshops 

Join me for both in person and virtual workshops.

Each workshop is designed with a specific topic in mind or to help a specific field or profession. Groups are kept small and designed to be interactive with one on one time given to each participant. 
Teaching points including accessibility and social media, accessible clinical practices and accessible practices for the service industry . 

Sign up through Eventbrite below.

Dont see a workshop on your desired topic or profession? Send me an email and we can make it happen! 

Look forward to seeing you there! 
sweatworking YVR Hosts me to speak on "what are you fighting for" 

Join the Sweatworking Community for a beginner-friendly boxing lesson and Learn to fight for what you believe in with athlete, entrepreneur and adaptive sport ambassador, Danielle Main.

April 1st 3-5pm at Hero Academy

Event now passed.

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A photo of conny with her laptop sitting in nature with the words "From chaos to peace with conny"
Thanks Conny for having me on your podcast!

Conny Graf's podcast talks about the importance of decluttering life! I had the opportunity to chat with her about the importance of clutter free media to make it inclusive for blind people. You can listen to my segment with her and all her other episodes below! 

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