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a blonde lady in a power wheelchair with a dog on a dirt path dike surounded by a lake and greenery

There are 1 billion people in the world with
a disability... 

yet this population is the most under recognized business demographic

Accessibility Consulting 

Ensuring your business is inclusive doesn't need to be a daunting task, the simple step of caring enough to broaden your understanding of inclusivity goes a long way. 


The development of accessible business practices includes everything from client relations skills to inclusive social media practices. You might not know where to start with your particular business, so let us be your guide into evolving your business to be as inclusive as possible. 


availability is limited. book your spot here


Media Accessibility Assessment 

Having the website and social media of your business provides an in-depth customized analysis of how accessible your media content is. This includes providing how to tips on what to improve and what you are already doing well! 

1hr Staff Accessibility Workshop

A business being accessible is more than just the brick and mortar, staff being educated in how to provide service to patrons with disabilities is imperative. Booking a one hour staff accessibility seminar over a lunch break can be the solution to ensure that awareness is there. 

This service can be upgraded to be long and cover more in depth accessibility topics

Business Accessibility Evolution

Ever wonder how accessible your business is? From store layout, to displays and staff education, an accessibility evaluation allows a business owner to have a full understanding of how customers with disabilities are able to access the services or products.

Lorri, Music Therapy Association BC

"She was wonderful to work with and presented us with a lot of interesting information regarding how we can be more aware of making our practices more accessible for people of all abilities... she provided us with clear information about how we can make changes to our social media, to make it more inclusive for people who are sight impaired... I highly recommend Danille's services to anyone who is interested in building a more inclusive accessible world for everyone."

Sarah, Sweatworking YVR

"Danielle lead a powerful discussion that inspired us to fight for what truly matters, and surrender to the battles that are not worth our energy. Danielle created space for everyone to be themselves and feel safe by demonstrating vulnerability and in turn bravery. She shared her stories with humor and grace. I cannot wait for my next opportunity to be in her presence again! Danielle is a fantastic speaker, incredible athlete, and total inspiration of a human! "
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