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Seeing the bigger picture doesn't require actually seeing

Main Insight

RMT -    Accessibility Consultant - Athlete


ABOUT Danielle

Born with optic nerve dysplasia causing vision loss Danielle has a unique perspective. Determined to be defined by more than just a label of a disability Danielle has carved a path as an entrepreneur, disability advocate and athlete

Her passion for helping both people and animals has driven the pursuit of a successful career as a Registered Massage therapist, the co-founding of Leash of Hope Assistance Dogs and being a vocal advocate on tv and media. 

In 2019 Danielle was an honouree of the Women of Worth, awarded by L'Oreal to women who make a significant difference in their communities through charitable work. 

With the aim of breaking down barriers Danielle is an ambassador for adaptive sport, with 15 years of equestrian experience, running with a sighted guide, blind hockey and competitive rowing.

Despite the slow degenerative nature of her eye condition, Danielle is adamant that nothing should stop anyone from living life to the fullest. 


How I Can Help You


I am so excited to be able to share my passion for inclusivity in a way to benefit you and your community!


Whether you are a business owner, teacher at a school or anything in between I am certain that the need to be more accessible to your community has brought you here. Though our world currently has a lot of work to do in order to be accessible, you as one person deciding individuals with disabilities are important makes a difference. Providing an opportunity for someone with a disability to just simply be a part of a community makes their world and your business a better place. 

And because you have decided its a priority, I whole heartedly thank you! 

I look forward to starting this evolution of learning with you





Jaime, Hero Academy

"Danielle is currently working as our Adaptive Athlete Coordinator at our combat sports gym Hero Academy.  She has been instrumental in helping us put together our adaptive programs and train our staff to work with members who have different accessible needs.  Danielle is dedicated, committed, thorough, and passionate. I couldn't recommend her more."

Lorri, MTBC

"Danielle was invited to do a presentation for the Music Therapy Association of British Columbia on Disability awareness. She was wonderful to work with and presented us with a lot of interesting information regarding how we can be more aware of making our practices more accessible for people of all abilities. As an able bodied person, I was very interested in how we take the simple things for granted, from using technology to touch screen elevators. During her workshop she provided us with clear information about how we can make changes to our social media, to make it more inclusive for people who are sight impaired. I really enjoyed how inclusive the workshop was and how she was able to navigate doing an online zoom presentation with slides using her adapted technology. I highly recommend Danille's services to anyone who is interested in building a more inclusive accessible world for everyone."  

Sarah, Sweatworking YVR

"Danielle lead a powerful discussion that inspired us to fight for what truly matters, and surrender to the battles that are not worth our energy. Danielle created space for everyone to be themselves and feel safe by demonstrating vulnerability and in turn bravery. She shared her stories with humor and grace. I cannot wait for my next opportunity to be in her presence again! Danielle is a fantastic speaker, incredible athlete, and total inspiration of a human! "
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